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            Welcome to the official website of Jiamingtai and look forward to working with you!
            National Service Hotline:0755-23248820
            數據線磁鐵批發 數據線磁鐵批發 異形磁鐵定制 異形磁鐵定制 單面/雙面包裝磁鐵 單面/雙面包裝磁鐵 釹鐵硼圓環磁鐵 釹鐵硼圓環磁鐵 環型圓環磁鐵 環型圓環磁鐵 圓環磁鐵定制 圓環磁鐵定制 雙面磁鐵批發 雙面磁鐵批發 單面磁鐵批發 單面磁鐵批發
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            ABOUT US
            ABOUT US

            Shenzhen Jiamingtai Magnetoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is a manufacturer specializing in the production and development of various high-strength, special-shaped strong magnets and single-sided strong magnets. The factory has more than 50 sets of advanced magnet production and processing equipment, more than 10 excellent management and technical personnel, more than 40 employees, and an annual output value of tens of millions to serve high-end customer groups.

            NdFeB magnets belong to the third generation of rare earth permanent magnets and are internationally designated as high-tech materials. NdFeB magnets are widely used in modern industrial electronic cigarettes, data cable chargers, engine motors, printed packaging boxes, fine leather bags, Unmanned aircraft, toys, new energy vehicles, wind power generation, military defense and other fields.

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            company news
            Development and application of NdFeB magnets
            Judging from the performance of the magnets found so far, the performance of NdFeB magnets is quite good, and this type of product has extremely high magnetism, guarantees the maximum magnetic energy product, and is very stable. It is widely used in some chemical industries. . And I believe many friends have also learned that from the current production technology and technological level, it m
            Industry News
            Neodymium iron boron magnets?-found that the new magnet does not contain rare earth elements
            In the 1840s, British physicist James Joule discovered that when placed in a magnetic field, iron-based magnetic materials change their shape, but their volume remains the same. This phenomenon is called "Joule magnetostriction", and in the 175 years since its discovery, all magnets have exhibited this characteristic.
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            星建豪電子 客房布草 精密五金沖壓 汽車迎賓燈 側背光PCB 黃銅棒廠家 黃銅棒廠家 側背光PCB 汽車迎賓燈 精密五金沖壓 客房布草 星建豪電子 蝕刻刀模 雕銑機 山東塑料周轉箱 青島吸塑盤 新能源掃路車 工業溫控儀 比澤爾螺桿機維修 給袋真空包裝機 永磁除鐵器廠家橡膠密封圈 塑鋼纏繞管 電單車充電樁
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            Phone: 0755-23248820

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            business manager:

            Miss Li 13632745578

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            Mr. Huang 18819059259

            Mobile: 13712835279

            Contact: Mr. Xiao (General Manager)

            E-mail: [email protected]

            Address: 6th Floor, Building E, Guancheng Low Carbon Industrial Park, Shangcun, Gongming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen

            To be a benchmark enterprise in China's magnet industry!
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